Cuba and it’s religious variety

ANNUAL EVENT : In the week of 8th September each year, the anniversairy of the Virgin of Caridad del Cobre, guardian of the island. The most important ceremony and pilgrimage of the island.
9 days / 8 nights
from 1450$

The highlights of this circuit:

  • Baracoa, the first city in America founded by Christopher Columbus.
  • Santiago, its environment and its cultural and religious mosaic.
  • The importance of the Virgen de la Caridad, the Patroness of Cuba: her history, apparition and miracles.
  • Discovery of Afro-Cuban religions (Santeria)
  • Discovery of various cults: cult of the Virgen, cult of the dead, cult of the music, cult of the plants and of nature.
  • Discovery of Afro-Cuban divinities: the Orishas.
  • Ceremonies and rituals not covered in mass tourism.
  • Conference on the sacred link between music and religion.
  • Renowned tour guides who are French speaking, teachers, anthropologists, priests and babalawos.
  • Dinner and lodging with locals.

Discover an unexplored part of Cuba: experience major religious ceremonies away from tourist hubs; pay homage to the Patroness of Cuba, Our Lady of Charity; discover African divinities of the Santeria; learn about the merging of catholic saints and African gods; take in the culture of the santeros and other followers of secret societies (los Palos, Abakua), familiarize yourself with their philosophy and world visions; learn to recognize the importance of the white cloths and coloured necklaces of different meanings (peace, love, friendship, death, the right path); attend secret meetings; learn the significance of offerings; get familiar with the language and exuberant dances reminiscent of trances, and so on.

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