To show a different side of Cuba, away from popular tourist areas. To help people discover the lives and day-to-day of this warm, friendly, cult, sensual, expressive, thoughtful, open and generous population that seeks to highlight the best it has to offer. Through customized circuits that focus on culture and authentic encounters, stays with locals, yoga retreats (really!), cultural projects, ecological trips and typical Cuban activities, we strive to always stay close to the social, cultural and natural aspect of this jewel of the Caribbean.

Our team offers custom-made packages and excursions allowing you to discover Cuba through voluntourism; escorted tours; stays with locals; cultural, human and artistic adventures; language and dance classes; Cuban food; yoga retreats; and à la carte holidays based on your individual needs and interests. Our primary mission at JAIMECUBA is to show the uniqueness of the island through the eyes and experiences of Cubans, showing it as they see, love, feel and experience it, outside tourist areas.



JAIMECUBA values listening and authenticity, and its on-site collaborators will handle your trip to Cuba as though you were old friends! Our dynamic team in Cuba and around the world has several years of tourism experience. This multilingual team values authentic and humanist journeys that really showcase Cuba’s history, culture and nature.



Why Cuba?

“During a short trip to Havana, I was enjoying some strawberry ice cream and my heart nearly stopped when I noticed that I was wearing the exact same uniform as the pioneers, and I detected the smell of fuel escaping from old Russian ladas. It was in Cuba that the words I would write came flooding in, and they never stopped…”
Translated excerpt from an interview with UNIQ


Why Cuba?

After several stints throughout the world (in Asia, America and Europe), it was when I lived away from my native island that I truly noticed its richness.

I spent many years working in tourism, both in my country and abroad. With an extensive background in customer service, I now strive to show the beauty of my country outside tourist hubs and centres, because Cuba is so much more than that!

I now live in Montreal, where I am trying to showcase and promote my Cuban culture. My main priority is creating authentic, humanist and solidary encounters between Cubans and those who are curious about my island.


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