Spiritual Retreat

Are you searching for the meaning of life in this in increasingly fast and dehumanized world? You feel that beyond the madness of the rush and consumerism, there is a spiritual humanity with noble ideas and virtues? If it is the case, our spiritual stays may be for you.

Come to discover of the Afro-Cuban religion called Santeria, very well known spiritual approach to life to almost all Cubans, even the most skeptical who will nevertheless, fear and respect, this very Cuban religion. Brought by slaves from Africa, Santeria spirituality is halfway between animism and mysticism and has, through the history, successfully retained its nobility, despite the fierce desire of the Catholic missionaries to bring them back “on track”. With a century-old ruse, slaves were cleverly concealing the African gods “Orichas” behind the portraits of Catholic saints. The Virgin Mary and became Ochun, goddess of love and sensuality, while Saint-Lazare took the paces of great Babalu Aye ….

Our team works with recognized priests of the Yoruba religion and they will be honored to introduce you to Afro-Cuban spirituality, symbolic and everyday practice. They could also provide you with a customized spiritual retreat, based on your expectations, needs and interests.

One thing is certain: you will get out of this experience if not more spiritual, at least more informed about one of the most secret and original spiritual practices of the world.

For more questions, please email us at info@jaimecuba.com

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