Project Las Terrazas: an artistic and ecological village in the middle of the exuberant nature of Pinar del Río


Pinar del Rio is the most “green” province of Cuba and has among its many wonders, tobacco plantations that give the best cigars in the world. Spooky and romantic villages lost in time keeps well it’s secrets, with it’s great characters and artists, so that the world discovers sometimes with amazement someone like the most talented singer singer Polo Montanez.

If hills of Pinar del Rio are surrounded by mountains covered with tropical forests where the civilization become sometimes a part of the memory, the traveler who hits this lost and amazing part of the island, discovers suddenly, out of nowhere, the fabulous Las Terrazas complex. Here, a community of artists and ordinary people live according to the economic principle of self-sufficiency, that is to say, self-sustainable, and believes, definitely convinced, in preserving their environment.
But watching this marvel of nature and this amazing village that is at the same time an ecological project, perfectly respecting the surrounding space, we understand why the inhabitants of this part of the world have reason to disobey to negotiate with anyone who wants to change their way of life: beautiful and colorful hiking trails, waterfalls and many natural mineral springs, many coffee and tobacco plantations and tropical fruits which gives impression to live in the Paradise.

Is it then surprising that this sublime province, sometimes called as Cuban Amazonia, has several sites protected by UNESCO?

Come to visit this unique heritage that offers a different way of living. Email us for a personalized stay that will open the door to another world. Hurry! Sometimes the world is changing so fast …

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