Solidary Cuba

Solidarity through Tourism:

Alternative tourism is part of a sustainable tourism approach that offers a genuine encounter between travelers and the people of the country. The preservation and knowledge of the natural, cultural and social resources are the primary concern of the experienced traveler who wants to be different from mass tourist.
If tourism is the main economic activity in Cuba (one million Canadians visited the island in 2010), it is not always certain that a mutual understanding develops between the host and visitor, because tourist needs and interests do not always allow to know the real faces of the island.

Responsible and solidarity tourism which JAIMECUBA promotes, together with the main highlights the country and its culture, whishes to allowed the visitors to get to know better its men and women who live, for better or for worse, a single political and economic situation in the world.

Our 2 main principles:

1. The true encounter and authentic exchange with Cubans whose purpose is to shown and make people appreciate all the wealth of their country: cultural, natural and historical.

2. Support to local causes. Cuba is the victim of two phenomena that go together: hurricanes and the embargo. If hurricanes sweep the island regularly, sometimes destroying everything on their path, economic embargo imposed for over 50 years, prevents the country to have access to basic construction materials. Therefore, some families can live without a roof, sometimes even two years after the hurricane destruction.

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